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Creative Direction & Design: Siavash Khasha

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‘Sugargrams’ is a developing mobile app by the Canadian Diabetes association for maintaining and tracking daily sugar intake
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Published by Little Brown, ‘The Creativity Project’ embodies a collection of 40 creative contributors who collaborated and responded to each other’s work.
Product rebrand for Meganut: hand crafted plant protein peanut butter designed for athletes.
Proposal branding for ‘Tundra’ books 50th anniversary. Tundra is one of Canada’s premiere publishers of children’s books.
‘What has happened to Santa’ is a holiday card for ©Subplot Inc. It is an illustrated guide to why the Santa brand has gone awry. From the CO2 emissions from his slay, to his poor dietary choices all the way to his mistreatment of elves.
The rebrand of Marketel is rooted in ‘Creative Connections”. This platform explores connectivity through a visual language derived from the letters ‘C’. Its visual presence can be adapted to support the various touch points of the brand.
Identity for KAF, a consulting group rooted in empowering branding through collaboration.
P.I.N.C is based on a study of first memories and emotional pathways. Based on my perspective, the data collected had been placed into twelve categories of feelings and emotions as well as relationships and associations. Emotions overshadowed all else in people’s memories. Many could not recall details, but rather certain feelings and emotions. My intent was not to define the memories but rather explore their emotional route and common elements to ultimately create links and patterns as a collective.