Samsung VR tunnel

Samsung's US headquarters is located in New York's Meatpacking District. The facility is designed to convey Samsung's brand and powerful contents in its communication and experiential event space. The programming and content curation of VR was rooted within 8 global categories containing all original, commissioned and partnered content.



Creative Direction: Cristian Ordonez
Content Curation: Siavash Khasha, Mike Dudek
System design: Siavash Khasha
Architectural Design Direction: Wonderwall
Photos: Nacasa & Partners (Event Photo: Matte Films)

Screenshot 2018-11-14 18.52.26.png
The VR exhibit is an immersive platform for experiencing new worlds. Content for the large scale screens are derived from existing VR experiences. Videos will 
be adaptations of their native VR format for the purposes of 
the VR Exhibit displays.
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VR video content is first organized into content categories. Highlights are edited from each video and tagged with lifestyle motivators. Multiples under the same motivator tag are edited together to create a single edit for that category, one for each of the 8 motivators.
Screenshot 2018-08-07 00.04.49.png
Screenshot 2018-06-26 19.03.20.png
Programming a global playlist considers the opening to closing hours of 837. Both the VR Exhibit and Brand Wall content are an extension of the 8 motivators and categories to maintain tonal continuity. This would also apply for live event takeovers.