Mediative, a digital marketing company sought after a rebrand, a year after their launch to fully realize their brand identity. The visual language and brand assets are dictated by the brand’s fundamental needs to be flexible and intuitive for its users.




Creative Direction: Karl Anctil, Siavash Khasha
Information design: Siavash Khasha
Illustration / Design: Siavash Khasha

The shapes within the logo and universal rings provide a cohesive visual narrative through the inner workings of the Mediative system.
Each color represents a different branch that ultimately creates the Mediative method. The interactive systems empowers clients to discover new branches, select paths and follow progress of their projects.
The Wheel embodies the many branches and services that Mediative offers its clients. Through the client’s needs and selections the wheel will regenerate its properties to ultimately present a unique shape for each individual client.
The timeline separates projects or phases and can be utilized to visually represent progress, landmarks and create links within various schedules.